Ratsasan- Review

Production: Axess Film Factory
Cast: Vishnu Vishal, Amala Paul, Kaali Venkat, Munish Kanth
Direction, Screenplay, Story, Dialogues: Ramkumar
Music: Ghibran
Cinematography: PV Shankar
Editing: San Lokesh

The story is about a serial killer who is on a killing spree, with school girls as his target. A newly joined aspiring filmmaker turned cop will have to stop him as soon as possible as his family becomes the target for the killer.



Mundasupatti was one of the best movies from Vishnu Vishal, and it marked the debut of director Ram Kumar. If you are expecting a similar plot for the duo, mind you, you will be fooled. This movie is a great genre shift from the director, and he has handled the shift very well. While watching the movie, you can see that he has put in a lot of efforts to gift us a thriller. To maintain the pace and seriousness of the movie, the director didn’t include any comedy tracks. That acts as a big plus for the movie.

Arun (Vishnu Vishal), an aspiring filmmaker has done a lot of research about serial killers for his movie, but unfortunately, he couldn’t find a producer. As there’s a lot of pressure from the family, Arun gets into police, a job which he gets easily because of his uncle (Munishkanth) who is an inspector.

Arun’s first case is to solve the case involving a series of brutal murders. His research for the movie comes in handy, and how he tracks the serial-killer down forms the crux of the story.

There will be a scene where Arun throws all his research papers into the sea in frustration, but the waves bring the paper back to him. It was like telling him that though he might not make a movie, the events in the papers will come back to him.

Vishnu Vishal does full justice to his character. Maybe, he would have learnt it from his dad, who is a cop in real life. There’s not much role for Amala Paul and is used just for Duet-Duties. You cannot blame the director for that as well. Amala Paul does her part very well though. The romance between Vishnu Vishal and her is subtle and realistic. Munishkanth Ramadoss grabs all our attention more as a performer than a comedian in the movie. Though you might feel that the antagonists have overdone their role at a few places, they carried it well overall.

The movies falter in the second half but avoid the pitfall.

Rather than offensive visuals, Ramkumar makes use of editing and music to make us feel the violence. Ghibran with his eerie music and some wonderful work by editor San Lokesh stand as the pillar for the movie. PV Shankar’s visuals help a lot in improving the movie’s pace.

The movie isn’t completely flawless though. A lot of scenes will remind of different serial-killer movies. On the whole, Ratsasan is a crime thriller entertainer which shouldn’t be missed in theatres.


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