Watch: Actor Karan’s exclusive interview | Just Shroovv it

If you are in the Social Media, you couldn’t have missed the latest trends about the actor Karan.

Things all started when someone reshared the scene from the movie, ‘Kovambattur Maapilai’ where Karan played the villain. The background score, ‘Shrovvv’ during a particular scene, became famous online mainly as a meme topic.

People later began to share all his previous movies and poured love for the actor. He was trending so much that there were personalized T-shirts with ‘just shroovv it’.

Though the actor was aware of all the sudden love that was going around him, he didn’t speak out all these days.

While the fans are eagerly waiting for a public meet from the actor, he ‘preferred’ for a telephonic interview with our channel.

Here’s his interview:

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